About Us

I am Sejal Makandar

I am the owner of hiawausau

By Profession, I am a Software Engineer but by passion, I am a Part-Time Blogger.

I completed my Software Engineering degree from Pune University. After I followed my Dream and started this blog to share my ideas about different Creative recipes.


Purpose Of The Blog:

The main motto of the blog in to support all people related to recipes. This blog definitely helps you grow in your kitchen journey.

We deliver the content according to your demand. Users can send questions. and then our all team members will try to give a blog on that topic.


To provide all the information related to recipes and its preparation.


  • Try to deliver quality content
  • The article delivers on your demand.
  • Quality content.


  • Making content more attractive
  • Users’ Engagement with the answer.
  • Feedback driven Content